Bingo Information

2018 Bingo Information

Bingo is OPEN to the public!
Bingo is every Saturday unless otherwise stated on our facebook page.
Updated April 18th, 2018
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We are happy to help any new players! Feel free to shoot us an email via the Contact Us Page or ask us in person!
As a reminder - this is a cash or check only establishment. We will not accept debit, ATM, or credit cards!
Hopefully the below information will give help you in answering most of your questions :-)


Doors Open:
Sales Start:
Sales Close:
Bing Starts:
Bingo Ends:
Generally around: 10:00PM
Kitchen Opens:

Bingo Cards

All prices listed on this page are subject to change at any given time - notification of any changes will be posted
6-Card Face: $13.00 9-Card Face: $18.25
12-Card Face: $23.50 15-Card Face: $28.75
18-Card Face: $34.00 21-Card Face: $39.25
24-Card Face: $44.50 27-Card Face: $49.75
30-Card Face: $55.00 33-Card Face: $60.25
36-Card Face: $65.50 39-Card Face: $70.75


Quickie 3 Face, 3 game: $2.00 Progressive/Bonanza: $1.50
Purple: $1.00 - Winner Take All Special Yellow: $1.00 - Winner Take All Special
Pink: $1.00 - Extra Special Olive: $0.50 - Extra Special
Orange: $0.50 - Extra Special Red: $0.50 - Extra Special

Kitchen Info

Each item is listed as "per each"
Items listed may not be available every night - check with the Kitchen staff for more information
Kitchen opens at 5:30PM and closes at 7:00PM and usually opens again around 8:30PM and closes after the 15-minute halftime is done.
Dabbers: $1.50 Glue Sticks: $0.75 (Not currently available)
Bottle Drinks: $1.75 Hot Dogs: $2.50
French Fries: $2.50 Hot Soup: $3.00
Deli Sandwich: $3.50 Hamburger/BLT: $3.50
Desserts: $2.00 Ice Cream: $1.75
Cheeseburger: $4.00 Pudding: $1.00
Packaged Candy: $1.00 Coffee: $1.00
Hot Tea: $1.00 Bagged Chips: $1.00

House Rules

1) Everyone, including children, must pay the admission price
2) Admission tickets must be displayed all night
3) Players must be at least 16 years old or accompanied by an adult
4) We reserve the right to change the game pattern prior to the start of the game without notice
5) The number is not valid until it is called
6) Dabbers must be used on all games
7) Players are responsible to play on the proper colored cards. No prizes will be paid on the wrong colored cards
8) Once the caller closes the game, no other bingos will be honored
9) Games sheets for the Quickie games 6, 13, 19 must be purchased prior to 7:00 p.m.
10) We reserve the right to ask anyone disrupting the game to leave
11) There is no smoking in the building. Please use the ashtrays outside
12) Please do no tape the game sheets to the tables