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The Way to Help a Community in Need

Apply today to the Chesterfield Fire Company and experince first hand on what it's like to help out your community.

Why Join?

The Chesterfield Fire Company is always looking for volunteers. You don't have to be responding to calls, just helping us out in any way you can is highly appreciated. Everybody can bring something to the table, if you know about something and you think you can help, by all means, apply - The Fire Department could need you! Some Examples of jobs could be: Web Designer/Programmer, Finance Advisor, Engineer, Support Staff (Needed for Bingo Crew, Cleaning, Set-Up, Maintence, etc). Fire Fighters and EMT's are urged to join aswell. People interested in becoming a Fire Fighter and/or EMT are urged to join too!

What Can I Do?

You can fill out an application (link is below) and turn it in at the Fire Department, if you have any questions go to the "Contact Us" page and fill out the form provided - The Chief will try to get to your email as soon as possible.

How Can I Join?

Print out an Application and turn it in at the Fire Department or stop on by and talk with us, we'll hand you one! See the "Contact Us" Page for the location and the hours we are usually available.